Intelligent Plant - Alarm Analysis

Alarm Analysis

Intelligent Plant Gestalt Alarm Analysis

Obtain a consistent set of Key Performance Indicators across your enterprise. Drill-down reports and detailed tag analysis facilitate quick identification of bad actors and problem areas, freeing you to troubleshoot.

Alarm Analysis links to your alarm collectors and provides an enterprise wide set of KPIs and analyses compliant with EEMUA 191 Rev 3. Several sets of bad actor types are identified and detailed tag analyses then allow individual bad actors to be quickly evaluated and their problems addressed. The single, consolidated, enterprise database will also store alert and event information from other corporate applications.

Intelligent Plant Alarm Analaysis KPIs

In speaking to our customers we've realised that there is a consistent desire to display Alarm Management KPIs along with the main plant KPIs that are derived from historian data. Simple storage of a few numbers within the Alarm and Event archive is insufficient, therefore Intelligent Plant have developed an interface that allows OSI PI to query the archive and trend or display the results. Overview Detail