Intelligent Plant Gestalt

IP Gestalt


PnID allows you to build your own process graphics, with real data animations from your historian in real-time on your intranet. PnIDs can be viewed on a laptop, or even a tablet and can be shared with others in your organisation. We can even provide this when all you have is csv files of data that you want to display online. Overviews of sites, or even your entire portfolio can be built, and you can import displays from other industry standard tools to convert legacy graphics.


A trending package which immerses you in your process data. You can play it back, zoom, view in a standard trend, a parallel co-ordinate plot – or even an FFT. This product even animates the change from trend to parallel co-ordinate plot so that you can see how these two relate to each other.

Alarm Analysis

Alarm Analysis links to your alarm collectors and provides an enterprise wide set of KPIs and analyses compliant with EEMUA 191 Rev 3. Several sets of bad actor types are identified and detailed tag analyses then allow individual bad actors to be quickly evaluated and their problems addressed. The single, consolidated, enterprise database will also store alert and event information from other corporate applications.

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Intelligent Plant Gestalt

PnID Trend Alarm Analysis