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EMEC - PnID & Trend

Empowering Remote Management of the Orbital O2 Tidal Turbine. Reducing the need for site visits.

In 2021 the European Marine Energy Centre’s (EMEC) cutting edge Orbital Marine Power O2 Tidal Turbine launched with an integrated link to Intelligent Plant’s Industrial App Store. This link gives EMEC access to real-time process and monitoring data from the O2 Turbine, enabling efficient and remote management of this innovative renewable energy solution.

With data being such a critical factor in today’s energy industry, EMEC recognised the need for a secure system that could provide advanced data monitoring and analytics but also a platform that could showcase their development to industry leaders and the public. The Industrial App Store provides the ideal solution.

Orbital O2 Power Generation 1.jpg

“Data acquisition from such a complex device as the O2 is hugely important for a number of functions. There are hundreds of sensors constantly measuring several variables and these generate a huge amount of information around performance of the turbine. Intelligent Plant’s Industrial App Store provides us with an incredibly useful tool that allows our data to be stored safely and accessed from anywhere.” – Angel Rua Santaclara, Control and Instrumentation Manager at Orbital Marine power.

All that is required to provide the Apps access to the assets data is the installation of Intelligent Plant’s App Store Connect. The data can then be easily accessed by any Apps which have permission to do so. Importantly, unlike other data analytics platforms, the data stays within EMEC’s control and is not copied to the cloud.

EMEC make use of just two of the apps available on the Industrial App Store, one of which is PnID. PnID provides a completely customisable interface for EMEC to directly see mission critical data, in real time. Pictured is an example of a dashboard created in PnID, specifically for the O2 Turbine.

This dashboard provides a high-level overview of the asset, allowing engineers to quickly identify problems and proactively react to process deviations. Further dashboards are available for more detailed process views and can be easily navigated using the intuitive user interface.

Trend is the second app integrated into this development, also available on the Industrial App Store. Trend allows engineers to perform advanced data analytics on historical data in order to diagnose issues or provide insights that could lead to process optimisation. For more information on the features available in trend click here.

Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store has significantly enhanced EMEC's management of the Orbital O2 Tidal Turbine, providing real-time access to critical process and monitoring data. With customisable dashboards through PnID and advanced analytics capabilities through Trend, EMEC can ensure optimal turbine performance, diagnose issues, and facilitate continuous improvements. This collaboration demonstrates Intelligent Plant's commitment to accelerating industrial analytics adoption for a sustainable future.

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