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Intelligent Plant's
Fair Work First Statement

At Intelligent Plant, we believe that fair work practices must be a priority in the workplace. Intelligent Plant are committed to progressing the ways in which we achieve these practices through continuously reviewing and improving the way that we work.


To find out more about what fair work means, visit the Fair Work Framework site for more details.

Below are just some of the practices that we follow for a Fair Work First workplace.

Safe space to voice issues

Employees are encouraged to voice any issues or concerns that they have. This can be done through team meetings or through 1-to-1 meetings. We understand communication is key to a healthy workplace and therefore we have a continuous focus to find ways to improve it. 

Opportunity to mould into a role that suits the employee 

We believe that employees should be able to mould themselves into a role that suits them. Giving our employees the space to grow into a role that they have a genuine interest in is important to us.

Develop skills, both old and new 

We offer both internal and external training to our employees. Helping them to develop their skills and knowledge in areas of interest.

Real Living Wage

We believe that our employees should have a wage that allows them to pay for their everyday needs. For this reason, we commit to paying the Real Living Wage.

Zero Tolerance to workplace bullying and harassment

Our policies make it clear that bullying and harassment will not be tolerated within the workplace. We want all employees to feel welcome and enjoy their time in the workplace.

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