What are our security design principles and secure development lifecycle processes.

We do not store any login credentials in the Industrial App Store. Instead, we delegate all authentication to trusted external providers such as the Microsoft Identity Platform.

We use role-based access control (RBAC) to manage access to client data; RBAC rules are defined and stored using the App Store Connect that resides on the client's network rather than centrally on the Industrial App Store.

We use a consent-based model to grant access to client data. An app can only request data from a given source if the calling user has been granted access through RBAC rules, and also if the user has granted the app delegated permission to access a given source on their behalf.

We use a strongly-typed query API that does not allow direct execution of e.g. raw SQL queries. Drivers are designed to ensure that translation from the query API model to a driver-specific query use security features such as parameterised SQL queries.

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