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Digitally Driven Operational Excellence

with the

Industrial App Store 

A digital marketplace

The Industrial App Store is a

'connected' digital marketplace offering low cost applications for all industries. Digitalisation has never been easier!

Secure data sharing

No need for VPN's and expensive cloud storage solutions. Now you can give employees access to data and applications, not networks.

Free to join and connect

Yes, it's free to join. You only pay for the Apps you want to use and there are no data transport or storage fees either. All data stays on your network and remains yours, forever.

Chemical Plant
Welcome to the Industrial App Store
  • Data sharing and collaboration portal

  • IIoT device data

  • Plant historian data

  • Alarm Management data

  • Data stays on your network!

Industrail App Store

Large scale Industry

Looking for more cost efficient alternatives to the expensive offerings from AWS or Azure? 

No storage, transportation or computational fees here.

Small Businesses

Data Historians are expensive, usually out of reach for smaller organisations. The Industrial App Store solves this with the free App Store Connect software allowing onsite storage of process data.


Do you have a cool idea for an application but don't want to get tangled up in the 'how do we get the data' minefield? The Industrial App Store is open to anyone who wants to develop industrial applications.



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