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Keyboard and Mouse

Step 1

Log in using one of the supported authentication partners


Step 3

Set up data sources and permissions
in App Store Connect

Create Data source.gif

Step 2

Download and install App Store Connect onto your business network (i.e. in the cloud or on site, it's up to you!)


Step 4

Purchase and use apps from the store with your data

Popular Apps on the Industrial App Store


Ensure efficient maintenance scheduling on major pieces of rotating equipment.



Facit aggregates alarms and alerts into an intuitive dashboard to allow easy tracking, work flow management and automatic task auditing.


App Store Connect

Easily connect your data to the

Industrial App Store and share it with apps and other users.


Use machine learning to easily define different operating modes on your plant from multiple PVs.


Power Automate Connector

Microsoft Power Flow/Automate

IAS Connector.



Hyper Power Root Cause Analysis of multiple events by using all the data you have on previous occurrences.


Sequence of Events

Perform filtering and advanced searches on the sequence of events.


Power BI Connector

Utilise real-time and historical industrial data in Microsoft Power BI.

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