The Inform Prize

The Inform prize was created in 2014 and is funded by Intelligent Plant, all 3rd year students at Aberdeen University are invited to register to be counted in the prize for the year. Each team will be invited to present their project - Format of the presentation: 5 minute overview presentation, 10 minute demo, 5 minutes Questions and answers. The prize is awarded to the team who presents their project in such a way to bring the audience with them – engaging content, speaking and answering questions confidently, not bamboozling the audience with technical jargon are some tips for how to proceed. Should you prefer to present in a different format that too is allowed but we will be looking to see the actual delivered product as you would demo one to a client if you were in the working world. The prize is £800 which will be awarded to those who present on the day – so don’t sit back and let your mates present, get involved to get some of the prize.


In 2019 the Inform Prize expanded to the King's College Auditorium and opened to industry. For the first time, 4th year students were present to showcase their seniour honour's projects and dissertations to academics and employees.