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What is the Industrial App Store?

Similar to the app stores that you have available on your mobile, the Industrial App Store (IAS) is an app store where users can access a variety of apps that cover a large area of functionality. As the name suggests, the IAS is focussed primarily on industrial processes with many of the apps helping users to analyse and visualise their plant data, and management of alarm data, making full use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The IAS can be used on your computer, mobile, or tablet, making it easy to use your data on whichever platform you are on.

IAS Key Features

IAS Cogwheel

Minimal Set-up - To access your organisation's data through IAS, our data connectivity tool App Store Connect needs to be installed at or near where your data is stored. This is the only mandatory install required - individual users won't require any installs as the Industrial App Store is browser based. This keeps set up time and maintenance to a minimum, ensuring that you can focus on making the most of your data.

IAS Privacy

Privacy - Organisation administrators have the power to create groups so that users working for the organisation can only see the data that they need to see. Additionally, it is straight-forward to change permissions of users when required.

IAS Globe

Web Based - IAS is a web based software which means users do not need to install any software to their device, thus eliminating any requirements for device storage.

IAS Access

Familiar Log In - The Industrial App Store utilises third party authorisation, such as Microsoft Azure AD, so users can sign in with their work credentials. This means that no new usernames or passwords are required, and log in details are stored only with these trusted external parties.

IAS Cart

Buy what you need - Many companies sell you their products as a package, meaning you may be buying additional tools or functionality that you do not require. With IAS, you only buy the apps that you require, helping to reduce the cost of software purchases.

IAS Tick

Supports different architectures - App Store Connect accepts many different data sources such as OPC, PI, Modbus, and many more. Therefore it is likely that your data architecture will be supported, and connecting your data to ASC and IAS possible.

IAS Padlock

Security is paramount - IAS uses HTTPs which means any communication between user and the IAS is encrypted. Even if interception was to occur, the encryption of the data would keep the data secure. Penetration testing is performed regularly to identify areas of improvement for our security.

Connect your data through a number of drivers

Our App Store Connect software is a free data configuration tool that allows users to set up two way data connections between a data source, and the IAS apps.

Our team has developed numerous drivers to cover as many types of data architecture as possible,
 making sure that connecting data to IAS is quick and easy.

If you cannot see the driver that you require, get in touch. Our data experts will be able to offer advice.

App Store Connect Logo

Connect with the following drivers

  • AVEVA OSIsoft PI and Asset Framework

  • AVEVA Wonderware

  • CSV

  • Honeywell Dynamo

  • Microsoft Azure Event Hubs

  • Modbus (Serial and TCP)

  • MQTT

  • MTConnect

  • OPC UA

  • OPC Classic (DA, HDA, A&E)

  • Printer (Serial and TCP)

Analyse & Visualise Operational Data

Gestalt PnID
Gestalt Trend

Our Gestalt Apps, PnID and Trend, help you to spot patterns in your real time and historic data which could identify areas of improvement in machinery, and create dashboards so that users can monitor plant data throughout the day. 

Trend contains various view types, such as Parallel Coordinate Plots, Cross Correlation Matrix, and Calm Waters - a view type that can show deviations from norm on hundreds of data points at once.

We have new features coming out regularly for these apps, giving users additional tools that offer ever more ways to analyse and visualise their data, and build intuitive dashboards for others.

Improve & Understand Your Alarm System

Sequence of Events Explorer
Alarm Analysis

Make sure that your alarm management system is following EEMUA 191 and HSE guidelines with our alarm and event apps.


Alarm floods due to poorly developed alarm systems makes the operator's job more stressful, increasing the risk of shutdown due to missed alarms.

Our alarm and event apps aim to remove unhelpful alarms, allow operators to view the relationship between alarms, and understand the purpose and consequence of each alarm.

Connect Your Data to Microsoft Products

Power BI Industrial Connector
Power Automate Connector

Power BI and Power Automate are two software applications that are used extensively in industry, and the ability to use industrial data easily through these software is a game changer.

Intelligent Plant's Microsoft Certified Power BI connector allows users to connect to their industrial data through Power BI, providing the opportunity for users to create dashboards that refresh with real-time data.

Our Microsoft Certified Power Automate connector offers a straightforward way to set up alerts and notifications regarding your industrial data.

ISO 9001 & 27001 Certified

Intelligent Plant is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management

We follow the Quality Management Principles to ensure quality is achieved throughout the organisation, from internal processes, to the products and services that we provide to our users. 

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management

Ensuring that any risk of security threats and vulnerabilities are minimised is a key focus within this standard, giving our clients peace of mind that the Industrial App Store is a secure place to examine their industrial data.

To find out more about these ISO standards, visit the links below

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

ISO 27001 Information Security information

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