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We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 registered company, focused on providing services and solutions to industry. We specialise in the performance monitoring of equipment and processes through analysis and visualisation of real-time data, and in the management of alarm data.

The company consists of both engineers and computer scientists forming a team of very capable and skilled professionals who provide innovative and tailored solutions to their global clients.


The company puts a lot of emphasis on quality and is proud to hold an ISO 9001 certificate. Quality products help establish solid business relations and have a huge contribution to long-term revenue and profitability. It also nurtures existing client relations and helps maintain good reputation on the market. 


Honest business practices build foundations of trust with colleagues, competitors, staff, clients and all other stakeholders. Honesty is also deeply reflected in the relationship between the company and its employees. Each and every person is treated like a family member.


Integrity represents the soundness and honesty with which the company conducts its business with all partners it interacts with. It helps to establish a feeling of trust and makes stakeholders more open with each other. 

Our Key Values
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