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Suchen Sie nach kostengünstigeren Alternativen zu den teuren Angeboten von AWS oder Azure?

Hier fallen keine Lager-, Transport- oder Rechengebühren an.

What is The Inform Prize?

Launched in 2014 and funded by Intelligent Plant to encourage students to think about how they might communicate their ideas and research findings to local employers, and promote interaction between industry and academia.

Students were tasked with creating a digital solution to a real life problem. The panel of judges were presented with videos by the students which demonstrated their teams product in action.

The teams also took part in a question and answer session before the judges went on to decide who the winners were.

The University of Aberdeen has been involved in The Inform Prize since its inception. Our students that compete in The Inform Prize are in their third year, which presents the perfect opportunity to put all they have learned up to that point into practice. Their interactions before, during, and after the event offer a unique opportunity to have direct contact with industry and gives them first-hand experience on designing, marketing, and presenting their product.

- Dr Matthew Collinson, Head of Computing Science

School of Natural and Computing Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Want to sponsor next year's prize?

The Inform Prize cannot go ahead without the support of sponsors. For 2023, we thank 

Proserv, Repsol Sinopec, Harbour Energy, and Leap AI for their support.

What benefits can my organisation expect from sponsoring The Inform Prize?

- A great opportunity to let Computer Science talent know about your organisation.

- The perfect chance to see available Computer Science talent for intern or graduate roles.

- Expand your network by connecting with industry professionals who attend on the day.

- The Inform Prize sponsors are advertised on the lead up to the event.

Contact for 2024 sponsorship details