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Industrial App Store Key Features

The Industrial App Store is a 'connected' digital marketplace offering low cost applications for all industries.
Visualisations and analytics have never been easier.

Small Businesses

Data Historians are expensive, and usually out of reach for smaller organisations. The Industrial App Store solves this with the free App Store Connect software allowing onsite storage of process data. A quicker and cheaper way to begin analysing data.

Large scale Industry

Data storage with AWS and Azure can be expensive. Using the Industrial App Store's local storage and remote access negates the need for transportation, computational, and storage fees.

Free to join and connect

You only pay for the Apps you want to use and there are no data transport or storage fees either. All data stays on your network and remains yours, forever.

Secure data sharing

No need for VPN's. Now you can give employees access to data and applications, not networks, ensuring higher levels of data security. Third party sign-in means no passwords required and a reduced risk of data breach.

Do you have a cool idea for an application but don't want to get tangled up in the 'how do we get the data' minefield? The Industrial App Store is open to anyone who wants to develop industrial applications.

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“We use the Power BI Connector to greatly simplify the integration of real time Wonderware and corporate data into reports providing real business intelligence.”


– John Lutz, Sr. Digital Product Owner, Manufacturing, Hexion Inc

Popular apps available on the Industrial App Store

Which Industry are you in?

Wind Turbine image - Renewables page



We have significant experience working on renewables. From wind turbines to tidal turbines - we have helped clients analyse and visualise their data effectively.

Manufacturing image - Manufacturing page



The apps within the Industrial App Store are well suited for process data within the manufacturing industry, ensuring that your plant is working to its optimal levels.

Image of onshore asset - Oil and Gas Page

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

As an Aberdeen based company, we have worked with many Oil & Gas operators. The Industrial App Store has apps designed specifically for this industry.

Become a partner

From being a reseller, to supporting bachelor's and master's degrees with hands-on industrial projects, to building

cutting-edge analysis and visualisation apps, every partnership has something unique to offer.

Interested in working together?

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