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Purchase more Industrial App Store apps through Azure Marketplace

We're pleased to announce that three more Industrial App Store apps are now purchasable through Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

Alarm Analysis ⏰ 

Gestalt PnID 🖼 

Gestalt Trend 📈 

This is in addition to our Power BI Connector and Power Automate Connector that were added to Azure Marketplace last year.

By purchasing our apps through Azure Marketplace, you can:

1️⃣ Easily search for and compare our products with other offerings

2️⃣ Follow a simplified procurement process, with Microsoft handling billing, invoicing, and subscription management

3️⃣ Benefit from enhanced support when purchasing through Azure Marketplace. Both Intelligent Plant and Microsoft are available to answer queries and ensure all your experience with the connector is positive.

Check out our apps on the Azure Marketplace platform via the link below!

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