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Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store is ideally suited for use with process, alarm, and event data from manufacturing plants.

  • Drivers developed for common manufacturing data architecture

  • Optimisation and efficiency is the primary goal of many of our apps

  • Data remains on site, reducing costs and risk of data loss on the cloud.

The manufacturing industry is a key area of focus for the Industrial App Store, handling data from process lines and locating areas of improvement in each stage of production.

Our App Store connect software is free for installation and provides users with the option of using the built-in IP Historian for no cost, therefore manufacturers of all sizes can use our low cost, high value software to its full effect.

Industrial App Store apps such as OpMode early identification of deviations from norm in manufacturing plants, helping manufacturers to schedule downtime for maintenance.

Get in touch for more details on how our products can help you.

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