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Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store is ideally suited for use with process, alarm, and event data from manufacturing plants.

  • Drivers developed for commonly used manufacturing data architectures

  • Optimisation and efficiency is the primary goal of many of our apps

  • Data remains on site, reducing costs and risk of data loss on the cloud

The manufacturing industry is a key area of focus for the Industrial App Store, handling data from process lines and locating areas of improvement in each stage of production.

Our App Store connect software is free for installation and provides users with the option of using the built-in IP Historian.

Already used by many of our clients, IP Historian is a completely free historian that ships with our App Store Connect software. The benefits of this free historian are many:

  • Lower cost to implement software.

  • Generate and store calculated tag data, separated from site historian.

  • Helps organisations of all sizes to develop and innovate their processes.

  • Receives regular updates as part of our continuous improvement goal.

Industrial App Store apps such as OpMode - early identification of deviations from norm in manufacturing plants - help manufacturers to schedule downtime for maintenance.

Our Power BI Industrial Connector is a key app for the manufacturing sector, making real-time and historical operational data easily available for report building. Microsoft Certified and available to purchase through Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

“We use the Power BI Connector to greatly simplify the integration of real time Wonderware and corporate data into reports providing real business intelligence.”


– John Lutz, Sr. Digital Product Owner, Manufacturing, Hexion Inc

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And to compliment our Power BI Connector, we also offer a Microsoft Certified Power Automate Connector for automating those repetitive tasks, such as sending notifications about process upsets.

Check out the apps mentioned above

Industrial App Store OpMode app
Industrial App Store Power BI Connector
Industrial App Store Power Automate Connector

Got a manufacturing project in mind? Get in touch to find out what we can do for you. 

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