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  • Intelligent Plant have been part of numerous successful renewable energy projects

  • Experienced in creating dashboards for renewable systems

  • Many apps available for analysing, diagnosing and optimising systems

  • We offer Venti - a collection of apps that can be used together for industry leading visualisation and analytics

The renewable industry is the future of energy. To ensure that our energy needs are being increasingly met through renewable sources, it is key that we have the analysis and visualisation tools available to examine system data, evaluate the conditions of the system, and diagnose issues before they become a problem. 

Intelligent Plant have worked with several organisations in the renewables sector, such as Invinity Energy Systems, Orbital, and ORE Catapult - helping them make the most of the data that they have available, and to better understand and optimise their systems.

Steve Aitken, Founder of Intelligent Plant, gave a presentation on the Industrial App Store apps being used as part of these renewable projects.

We worked with EMEC and Orbital on connecting to the O2 Tidal Turbine - The most powerful tidal turbine in the world.

Our software successfully gathers data from the tidal turbine, with operators able to access this data remotely. 

In addition to connecting with the tidal turbine, Intelligent Plant produced high quality dashboards for operators to monitor performance. This was created through our dashboard building app - PnID - which contains all the required tools for building simple and complex dashboards.

Orbital Marine PnID dashboard
Invinity Vanadium Flow Battery stack

Invinity produce vanadium flow batteries, a battery that does not degrade over time. Invinity have installed these batteries worldwide - and they are all monitored through using Industrial App Store apps.

They utilise our Venti offering to visualise, analyse, monitor, and fault find any issue with their batteries.

You can find out more about the benefits of our Venti offering below.

Industrial App Store Venti collection

Venti is our offering specifically for the renewable energy sector. Packed full of features to bring you industry leading analytics.

A collection of apps available on the Industrial App Store, Venti provides users with all the tools needed to keep track of asset performance. Big data apps, analytics, machine learning, downtime reduction - Equipment fault diagnosis, root cause analysis (RCA) and many other problems are solved in the Industrial App Store where multiple vendors can make their capabilities available to industry.

With Venti, you have access to 9 high quality apps

Visualise and Analyse Real-Time Data

Facit - Aggregates alarms and alerts into an intuitive dashboard to allow easy tracking, work flow management and automatic task auditing.

PnID - Create high resolution Process & Instrumentation graphics with data-bound animations to give a real-time picture of your plants performance.

Trend - A trending package which immerses you in your process data. Configure data sources then switch between multiple views for in-depth analysis.

Visualise and Analyse Alarm & Event Data

Alarm Analysis - Diagnose and report your EEMUA statistics, help resolve issues with control system alarms.

SEER - Hyper power Root Cause Analysis of multiple events by using all the data you have on previous occurrences.

Sequence of Events Explorer - Perform filtering and advanced searches on the sequence of events.

Connect to Best-in-Class 3rd Party Solutions

Power Automate Connector - Make your data available in Microsoft's Power Automate software, while data remains secure and safe on-premises.

Power BI Connector - Utilise real-time and historical data in Microsoft Power BI, while data remains secure and safe on-premises.

Jupyter Hub - Use Python and R to analyse your data using statistical models and machine learning.

Got a renewable project in mind? Get in touch to find out what we can do for you. 

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