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Inform Prize

What is the Inform Prize?

Now into its 9th year, The Inform Prize, which is funded by Intelligent Plant, was launched in 2014 to encourage Computing Science students at Aberdeen University to think about how they might communicate their ideas and research findings to future customers and employers. The prize of £800 is awarded at the end of a third year project, where students are initially tasked with creating a digital solution to a real life problem.

During the final stages of the project, students are asked to present their idea to a panel of judges, give a demonstration of the product in action, and take part in a question and answer session, before the judging panel go on to decide who the winner is.

University of Aberdeen

Meet the Teams:


Project Name:

Smart Thermal Analysis

Team Leader:

Valerio Bucci

Team Members:

Ivan Balakirev

Johannes Gurndin

Jara Ramos-Corchero

Nikita Romanenko

Stefan Stadler

Gordei Ussatsov


Project Name:


Team Leader:

Petar Baltov

Team Members:

Alexander Konstantinov

David Grigoras

Dimitris Dinis-Gridian

Jacobo Azcona

Velian Velikov

Yasmina Mangalagiu

team charlie

Project Name:


Team Leader:

Cat Burroughs

Team Members:

Colin Ries

Jakub Matusek

Andrei-Mihail Rotariu

Algirdas Piliciauskas


Project Name:

Let's Meet

Team Leader:

Hamish Weir

Team Members:

Cael Milne

Faizan Mohiuddin

Ellie Hutchinson

Woijtek Wilk


Project Name:


Team Leader:

Mark Gatland

Team Members:

Viktor Yanev

Jake Bailey

James Taylor

Jakub Slusarczyk

Mitchell Edwards

Meet the Judges:

Working Together

Dr John Barrow


Dean for Entrepreneurship & Employability

Dr John Barrow.jpg

Jen Scott

Digital Development Manager

Opportunity North East.jpg

James Dearie



JD for Inform IP BW.jpg

Iona Currie




Cammach Bryant.png
Iona Currie Pic BW.jpg

Professor Wamberto Vasconcelos, Head of Computing Science, School of Natural and Computing Sciences,

University of Aberdeen said:


Our students have fruitful contacts with Intelligent Plant, which enthuse and inform students about current projects and cutting edge technologies. This exposure proves invaluable to educate students on research and development in the industry, and bridge the gap between theory and practice. The Inform Prize integrates perfectly within the third year syllabus, and each year our students surpass all expectations with the thought, planning and enthusiasm that they apply to their projects and their presentation.

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