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Intelligent Plant at COP26

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Our monitoring and analysis tools allows operators to run devices at peak efficiency and reduce maintenance activities. This translates into increased green energy generation which, in turn, reduces our reliance on legacy, fossil fuel based generation, reducing our CO2 production.

Intelligent Plant are committed to supporting the renewable energy generation revolution with our Industrial App Store. Operators now have a secure method of accessing and analysing data from remote locations from wherever they are and due to the clever way our technology works, all data remains on site.

EMEC / Orbital O2 Turbine

EMEC wished to appoint a contractor to provide a data storage and analytics system to interface with the existing control systems onboard the Orbital O2 tidal turbine. They needed the ability to visualise equipment function schematically and present data to engineers and stakeholders.

They chose the Industrial App Store because of its ability to deliver centralised and

automated data flows, as well as effective visualisations & dashboards and its ability to provide immediate access to current data without any time spent facilitating the request.

Invinity Energy Systems

Invinity Energy Systems evaluated the Industrial App Store to see if it could meet their needs in monitoring an increasing fleet of globally distributed Vanadium Flow Batteries.

Invinity wanted to be able to visualise equipment function schematically, analyse with advanced applications, securely share data with their customers and flag alerts on incorrectly operating units. As many units are installed in remote and challenging environments, robust communication and data collection was a must. The "Industrial App Store" met these specifications handsomely, and is now routinely used on all new battery installations around the world.

Levenmouth Wind Turbines

Intelligent Plant and ORE Catapult worked together to create a cloud based monitoring system for Wind Turbines, based on the demonstration unit at Levenmouth.

Visualisation, analysis and alerting were key functionality. The system has been in place for two years and has facilitated PhD projects, as well as being a test bed for Intelligent Plant.

Intelligent Plant continue to develop appropriate applications for the renewable power industry; current projects include:

  • Wind Turbine Power Output predictor.

  • Anomalous Equipment Operation Detector.


Venti is a collection of Apps in the Industrial App Store designed for Renewables. For more information on Venti click here.

Visit us at COP26

Intelligent Plant are excited to have been invited to COP26 to showcase their Industrial App Store, a key component in monitoring and analysing data from power generation and energy storage equipment.

We will be in the Green Zone located in the Glasgow Science Centre, Stand 7 with the Royal Bank of Scotland on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th of November 2021.

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